I’m going to make this a not so short and sweet FAQs section for the blog for readers to refer if need be. I will also update this page with links for those interested. :)

Q: What is this blog about anyway?

A: This is a blog pretty much about everything. Its first purpose is to be an “inside” look at honest to God female Feedees, who willingly are active participants in the Feederism community. Because you know, all Feeders and Feeders aren’t all weird. Feederism, and its connected topic of Fat Admiration are a major point of discussion. More than anything else, we’re trying to show that we can also live normal everyday lives in conjunction — NOT in spite of! – our interest in Feederism.

Its second purpose is to discuss Fat Discrimination and the rise of Fat Civil Rights. Feederism and Fat Admiration are a crucial part of what I call “Fat Sexuality” — for those unique individuals who had a few switches flipped in their heads at young age, and think Big is Beautiful. And maybe Bigger is More Beautiful, and that’s OK.  It’s part love, part physical attraction, part fetish, part paraphilia, and part eroticism. Did I mention it’s fun?

The third purpose is to combat the long-held belief that Feederism and Fat Admiration are by definition anti feminist, and against women. Yes there are some icky male Feeders out there. In any given community, and in any given demographic there are good and bad people, but can you cannot hold that against the entire community. Further, the media and Fat Blogosphere have an unhealthy obsession the males in Feederism. By concentrating on male users, they fail to properly distinguish or recognize that there are many active, fully cognizant woman participants as well, such as myself. Just because it seems like an easy target to say Feederism is misogynist doesn’t mean it is.

We are Women. We are Feminists. We are Feedees. Our being one does not in any way disclude the other two. :)

Q: Can I Help Write this Blog?

We’re in the process of looking for more Contributors. If you think you have what it takes, please contact Amanda with the following information: Name, Age, Gender, Personal Relationship To FA/Feederism, Why You Want to Join, and a Writing Sample (1-3 pages long). If accepted, you’ll be given 1 month probation to see if you’re a good fit. So give it a shot!! :D

A:Q: What’s Fat Sexuality?


A: Fat Sexuality is a catch-all term that describes when people have a physical and/or sexual preference for a fat partner. It also includes other elements of this by including Weight GainStuffing, and  other related fetishes or paraphilias.

It does not include embarrassment or shame towards a fat partner, BDSM role playing notwithstanding. The sexual practice called Rodeo and other shameful similar practices are not part of Fat Sexuality as they brutally hurt and disregard women. I will *not* be covering these topics as I’m not interested in them, excepting in discussions as misogynistic behavior.

Q: Isn’t this just objectification of women?

A: Short answer, no.

Long answer, maybe. All heterosexual practices on some level objectify women. Why do some people prefer blondes or taller partners? Why do some people prefer big busts or nice butts? Where does the line between physical preference end and erotization of the human body begin? Feederism and Fat Admiration straddle this line.

That being said… (add to later).

Q: Don’t you realize this is highly dangerous?!?!

A: Yes. Yes we do. Do you think we’re stupid or illogical? Gaining weight on purpose is dangerous. Period. But with certain precautions, and some common sense, it can be made safer. Note that we didn’t say made safe, we said made safer. And, really, Feederism isn’t as dangerous as it sounds because it is tempered by the realities of life: money, time, partners, stress, family, one’s career, life’s many preoccupations, etc. etc.

Personally, I (Amanda) have found my desire to gain weight, and my desire to live a healthy and preferably long life antithetical to each other. And for many years, I struggled with trying to balance the two, but recently I have realized that I was approaching it the wrong way. It’s not either/or. It’s not that I’m either happy sexually, OR I’m healthy. I can try for both. Similar approaches to a Feederism lifestyle are to be encouraged online and offline.

Also, if anything, dating my ex FA boyfriend has led to an increase of health, as he is a licensed physician. Weren’t expecting that were you? You’d be surprised how many FAs and Feeders are in the healthcare community.

Q: What’s Fat Admiration/FA?

A: Fat Admiration is the physical preference for a larger partner. Period. If you like bigger ladies or bigger men, you love warm cuddly hugs, or like a certain heft in bed, chances are you’re an FA.

Hanne Blank author of the noted Fat Sexuality and Fat Relationship guidebook Big Big Love notes that one need not be a FA in order to have a preference for, or have any real long term personal relationships with Fat people. While I agree, using the term FA is just more simplistic in real life. Food for thought.

Q: What is Fat Fetishism?

A: A Fat Fetish is that you like and/or need fat to get aroused, either for yourself or for your partner. Sometimes it can be very specific, such as a preference/borderline fetish for one part of the body alone, such as the belly, breasts, buttocks, or for a general body type such as Apple, Pear, or Hourglass. Many people with a Fat Fetishism are also are able to have relationships with non-Fat individuals. If you’re a Fat Fetishist, generally speaking you’re also FA.

Q:  What’s Feederism?

A: There is no single definition, but generally speaking Feederism is the eroticization of weight gain and eating either in lieu or conjoined with sex. It can be done either alone, in pairs, or with mutual partners on any level of intimacy or length of time.

Q:What’s a Feedee/Feeder/Gainer…? Etc.

A: Feederism is composed of a Feeder and a Feedee, literally one that feeds and the one that is fed. Generally speaking Feederism is heterosexual whereas the Chubby Chasing and Bears community/fetish are predominantly homosexual, but the groups do have some cross over.

In the straight pairing, a Feeder, usually male, will encourage or literally feed a Feedee, usually female, to gain weight. Feeders and Feedees tend to want to find a partner of some kind, but it is not necessary strictly speaking.

Gainers are simply those who actively seek or do gain weight without having to rely or use the term Feedee; sometimes for not wanting to have a Feederism partner.

Appreciators or Encouragers are into the Feederism scene without actively being in a Feederism relationship.

Within limits, it is safe, fun, and highly enjoyable. Related Feederism activities include StuffingWeighing, Measuringoutgrowing clothes, and generally speaking, enjoying a soft fluffy body. :P

**(Nota Bene: While there are other terms, these are the major ones in the gaining community, and I should reiterate that not all FAs and Feederism enthusiasts will agree 100% to these definitions. As such, treat my list as a starting off point.)

Q: Where Can I Find Out More?

A: I recommend going to the website FantasyFeeder for more information. It’s a great site with a highly social community and its forums and chatrooms are a great resource for those just joining in.

A related site is Dimensions Magazine Online, but it has a more generic Fat Admiration focus.

Other sites worth mentioning that feature FA and Feederism, include Zaftig, which promotes FA, Feederism, and Size acceptance in a mutually respectful forum, and Curvage which is dedicated to showing and discussing pictures of fat girls. There are also countless Yahoo Groups, and artists on Deviant Art that feature Feederism as well.

FAQ created by: Amanda

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